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Feria de Artesanos de Plaza Francia
Artsman fairs’s history
When Democracy came in 1984, it was announced a control (the evaluation of each work of the artsman according to existing rules which calify the artsman to work in this activity) in the Recoleta Cultural Center. About 5.000 persons were present at that moment in six stages divided in: ceramic, leather, wood, metal, cloth, various and plastic art.

Ten controllers, the moyority of them artsmen from Plaza Italia, and the rest plastic artists (some of them of real “plastic”), did the hard task to control all the products presented. These were exposed in “El Patio de Los Naranjos” on the floor, like in the old times. The calification was taken from 1 to 10, it was summed up, and then they obtained a final average. The best results had the possibilitiy to choose the Fair to go into, once completed the elected one they proceeded to continue with another Fair.

Also were reopen Plaza Francia, Belgrano and Lezama and inaugurated for first time Parque Centenario and Plaza Housey (From Monday to Friday); Vuelta de Rocha (Saturday, Sundays and Festivity Days), in a few years it is added Vuelta de Rocha (Wednesday and Friday´s).

Were open also Parque Chacabuco and Plaza Güemes but these ones had not success and the artsmen were placed between the different fairs.

So, in this way, we began to walk once again.

In 1990 municipal goverment officers made a cruel intervention to Plaza Francia, a group of artsmen from different fairs gathered and put resistence to the official goverment obtaining in two years redaction and agreement with signment of the unique law made by the artsmen, the orden Nº 46075 which nowadays is in force, being declared of municipal interest, voted by and approoved for all the parlamentary blocks from different parties which is not to say a few things.

During all these years we were excluded from all cultural events organized by the goverment, but we are very sure that 37 years were not in vain, in spite the road was and still is sinuous it means that we are continuing walking. It´s a signal that you and us interchanging and holding this utopian.

The Artsmen Fair Plaza Francia, as always, says WELLCOME.



Open every weekend and holydays from 11 am. Till 8 pm.

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