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Feria de Artesanos de Plaza Francia
Artsman fairs’s history
It´s known that history is written by the winners. In this case history, since the the artsmen fairs appeared is written by us, the “Plaza Francia´s artsmen”, the hippies, the rebellious, the without fact, the revolutioners... and others adjectives which we honestly support.

All started at the end of 1970, a little group of “mads” began to put on the floor their products, at the back of the ancient house “Viamonte” settled at Libertador and Pueyrredón Street.

During the first two years there was no control on this matter. Later on, the arquitect José María Peña, at that moment Director of the Buenos Aires’ Museum, was the designed person to regularize such event, exlusive for his way of showing and direct contact with the visitors. People, in some way, admired the election of life of those few mads, ones tried to dress like them with very coloured clothes and accesories.

In 1974 it was stablished the Order nº 28072, which fixed the spaces for Plaza Francia, Plaza San Martín and Plaza Belgrano.

With the military hit in 1976, the artsmen of Plaza Francia were moved to the side of Del Pilar Church where it was supposed it wouldn´t stay for a long time, when the blessed parson talked in a loud voice to the military authorities, the rebellious were pushed to Vicente Lopez and Junín Street, to the side of the Recoleta Cementary (“as to relax ereveryone in piece”), meanwhile Plaza San Martín and Plaza Belgrano were picked up definitevely in a very agresive way. Someones were placed at the side of Plaza Flores, someones were retired and others were “dissappeared”.

After two years (1978, and when the wall spread with blood and torture) again the remaining artsmen, is to say the ones who honestly supported, were moved to Plaza Italia, the only artsmen fair that ramained through the dictatorship years.



Open every weekend and holydays from 11 am. Till 8 pm.

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