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Feria de Artesanos de Plaza Francia
Plaque commemorating disappeared artisans

"What brings us together today, in this place that is ours to meet and work, is a reminder of fellow disappeared artisans. We always remember them, but this year we want to share the memory with the rest of the people, and materialize it with this board.

The attempt of genocide was destroying all that was different from them, and then covered it all with a blanket of oblivion.

"There are, vanished, disappeared," said the murderers of our comrades.

We keep them alive every day, in every one of our workshops, in each pileup that rises in the potter's wheel, each modeling the metal chisel or tool that transforms each leather, wood, wool and papier-mâché. In colors, textures, designs, and with our own hands, we keep them alive, with the exercise of an activity and a way of life that has been misunderstood by most governments, and more than ever, by the current city government, which does not recognize us as cultural doers.

But here we are, through the years, with our struggle, sharing the privilege of collaborating in this craft fair, where every weekend we are brothers, among ourselves and with all the people who visit us in countless cities and towns of our country and the world.

The tribute to our missing comrades is to continue, with our ancient crafts, with cultural roots that feed at the dawn of mankind, when the former began to discover that his hands could modify the materials to make useful and beautiful objects.

The hearts of our missing comrades beat in our hands and continue filling Memory of Love and Remembrance.

The guilty shall be tried and punished. "


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Open every weekend and holydays from 11 am. Till 8 pm.

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